Practice Areas

Environmental and Sustainability

We offer strategic advice on the granting of authorizations, and regulatory compliance as required by environmental and sectorial legislation for the development of all kinds of projects, including environmental audits; the licensing of projects under the Environmental Impact Assessment System (EIA); defense in sanctioning procedures before the Superintendency of the Environment; participation administrative appeal procedures, and court litigation in environmental matters.

Within the scope of our advice in this practice, we can specifically mention the following:

  • Project design and development strategies.
  • Procedures carried out through the Environmental Impact Assessment System, including proceedings before sectorial authorities.
  • Sanctioning proceedings, requirements to enter the environmental impact assessment system, and others, initiated by the Superintendence of the Environment.
  • Proceedings in the context of administrative sanctioning followed by the public health authority.
  • Litigation, including defense before environmental courts.
  • Due diligence and environmental compliance.
  • Preparation of legal reports in support of the analysis and resolution of complex environmental matters.


Parque Eólico Horizonte

Parque Eólico Horizonte - Grupo Evans
                                                                                                La iniciativa contempla la instalación de 140 aerogeneradores con una potencia máxima de 7,0 MW por unidad.                                            

Con el objetivo de aprovechar parte del recurso eólico existente y así contribuir a satisfacer la demanda energética del país, surgió el proyecto Eólico Horizonte, que consiste en la construcción y generación de una central generadora de energía que aprovecha la energía cinética del viento, por medio de la instalación de 140 aerogeneradores.

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