Practice Areas

Project Development and Management

Cubillos Evans has developed this area of specialization, a first in the local legal industry, actively and creatively integrating the various areas of technical expertise that our multidisciplinary team of professionals can provide, generating important synergies for the projects’ benefit.

This practice area involves the assistance and transfer of experience and knowledge for the successful development of highly complex projects, through the following activities:

  • Advice by engineers, lawyers, and professional experts in environmental and social matters, for a strategic design and management of projects.
  • Management of multidisciplinary teams in project structuring.
  • Integral legal management for project development.
  • Management of stakeholders-and related communities.
  • Management and coordination of environmental approval procedures for projects.
  • Advice for the implementation of obligations established in environmental qualification resolutions for investment projects, and further monitoring of environmental compliance.
  • Electric power companies’ commercial operation management and business strategy.

Parque Eólico Horizonte

Parque Eólico Horizonte - Grupo Evans
                                                                                                La iniciativa contempla la instalación de 140 aerogeneradores con una potencia máxima de 7,0 MW por unidad.                                            

Con el objetivo de aprovechar parte del recurso eólico existente y así contribuir a satisfacer la demanda energética del país, surgió el proyecto Eólico Horizonte, que consiste en la construcción y generación de una central generadora de energía que aprovecha la energía cinética del viento, por medio de la instalación de 140 aerogeneradores.

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