The power of multidisciplinary collaboration.

GRUPO EVANS brings together a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to advise clients on legal and strategic matters related to the development and licensing of infrastructure, real estate, and natural resources projects. Our firm has been recognized for offering specialized advice, applied to public and private investment, with particular emphasis on regulated markets and in the areas of energy, water, mining, urban planning, economic regulation, environment, sustainability, and community relations. We seek to provide practical and effective solutions, with a solid legal foundation, to solve the challenges that these activities face today.

Our team members have studied in the best national and foreign universities. Some of them participate as faculties of Chile’s main universities. Professionally, they have worked as advisors and arbitrators in conflicts of high national sensitivity, and as lawyers for private and public companies and organizations in the areas of natural resources, infrastructure, and real estate.

In addition, Grupo Evans has developed a novel area among law firms.  By incorporating engineers experienced in the execution, management, and development of investment projects to the team, Grupo Evans can offer integrated management of the legal, technical, environmental, and social aspects of any project. These professionals from another area have enriched our ability to comprehensively meet our clients’ requirements by complementing the knowledge of local regulations with the timely and adequate understanding of the technical and socio-environmental aspects of the projects or initiatives in which we have participated, which ultimately puts us in a privileged position to propose accurate, efficient, and innovative solutions.

“Their lawyers have acted as consultants and arbitrators in nationally significant litigation and are recognized academics from top universities.”

— Chambers & Partners 2021